What do we know about penis enlargement?

Do men think of getting their penis enlarged? I think they do. Maybe not porn stars, because they surely don’t need that. They are well blessed and we all saw that. Comparing to them, every one of us has a small penis. But we shouldn’t think like that. They have their ”blessings” and we, regular Joes, have regular size penises. Some of us are happy and some of us aren’t. You could say that some of us thought about it more, but at the end of the day, we should be happy with what we have. Surely, my wife never complained about the size of my Johnson (yes I have a name for my penis), but I thought about it. And I wanted to know is there any way to improve the measuring of your phallus. I researched it and I think that all of you men out there, should read this.  You can also visit mensizematters.com for more info.

There is an option in a form of surgery. It’s really simple, you go to a doctor, ask him and he will tell you. The problem with this option is that operation is a risky one. Although there are several surgical procedures, none of them is well guaranteed.

As a matter of fact, after your doctor informs you what risks exist with this procedures, a lot of people give up of the operation, because of the possible complications, and go home satisfied with their size.

viagraThen there are pills. To be specific, pills and supplements. You are normal Internet user and you find all these ads about some magical pill which will increase the size of your phallus. I know that you think that these ads are only on websites that contain porn, but I saw ads for pills that enlarge your penis on some regular websites as well. Well they are not proven well – although can produce results. They are not tested as much they should and, like any other unproven supplements, they have some side effects. In most of the times, they contain risk-free ingredients and that’s a good thing. But all of you who read this noticed that I didn’t answer the most important question. That is, are those pills going to enlarge my “pride”? Well, the answer is: I’m not sure. The side effects are 70% guaranteed, but your penis may be bigger. However, it’s not proven that they are 100% effective method.

We have to mention the notorious penis pump. This pump has been described as dangerous one. But, this pump has some effects. It creates a vacuum and increase the blood pressure of your phallus. That’s way it has some results. However, they are no long term results. After using the pump you can see that your penis is bigger, but it doesn’t fix your problems with impotence. So if you want only temporary results this is the right tool for you.51

In conclusion – we can say that none of these options are great. The right option is to go to your urologist and ask about penis enlargement exercise. There are several of them and they can produce the goods. Still, you can use pills, devices and exercise but it is different for every man.

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